Privacy Policy

The Marcus Mosely Chorale (“MMC”) is a community choir from Vancouver, B.C.    

This privacy policy has been developed to comply with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”).

  1. Our Chief Privacy Officer is Roxie Giles, our Manager.  She can be reached at or 603 770-1088.
  2. Through our website we collect information on viewers to assist with website optimization and improved navigation.  The site may also leave cookies to further improve your viewing experience the next time to come to the site.  You can disable cookies on your computer.  We use any technical information collected from viewers for our own purposes only.  We do not share this information with other parties, nor do we sell any information collected from viewers.
  3. Certain sections of this site might include an interactive form.  By completing and submitting such forms, you give consent to our using the information provided for the purpose collected.  In the case of a request for notification of upcoming concerts, by submitting such a request you give consent to MMC to contact you electronically for marketing and announcements purposes.  Again, we do not share this information with third parties and we do not sell this information.  
  4. The MMC will seek to limit the collection of your personal information to the details required in order to either provide us with sufficient information to maintain and improve our website, and/or to fulfil the purpose of your requested interaction with us.
  5. Any information provided by our viewers (or anyone submitted an on-line form to us) will only be used for the purposes identified above.  

Should you have any concerns regarding the privacy of any personal information you provide to MMC, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer as noted above.